Seashells Kids Kids Frilled Neck Sweater

Seashells Kids Kids Frilled Neck Sweater N/A
Kids Frilled Neck Sweater N/A Seashells Kids Kids Frilled Neck Sweater. $32.90 Tracking and fast free delivery in 7-14 days.
Kids Frilled Neck Sweater available in N/A. Seashells Kids stockist online.
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Displayed for authorized Seashells Kids supplier official website YesStyle US/ Global. Product number 1063537915 3.99.
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This women’s Seashells Kids Kid Fashion usually sells for $32.90. Jans Clothes gets special prices offered by YesStyle US/ Global.
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Seashells Kids
Kids Frilled Neck Sweater

We have selected some of China's best fashion brands on offer at sale prices. Here we have one of the most popular designs from Seashells Kids. Color: Sapphire Blue, For this creation the designer has chosen to use cotton fabric. Possible the most popular material. Size: 100: Total Length: 42cm, Chest: 29cm, Sleeve Length: 37cm, Shoulder Width: 24cm 110: Total Length: 45cm, Chest: 31cm, Sleeve Length: 39cm, Shoulder Width: 25cm 120: Total Length: 48cm, Chest: 33cm, Sleeve Length: 42cm, Shoulder Width: 26cm 130: Total Length: 51cm, Chest: 34cm, Sleeve Length: 46cm, Shoulder Width: 27cm 140: Total Length: 54cm, Chest: 36cm, Sleeve Length: 49cm, Shoulder Width: 29cm 150: Total Length: 57cm, Chest: 38cm, Sleeve Length: 53cm, Shoulder Width: 30cm, Care: N/A

Price: $32.90
Condition: new
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